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Easter Marketing Ideas

March 1st, 2013 by Jeremy Knauff


Easter is quickly becoming more popular than ever and Americans are lining up to shell out a small fortune on colorful eggs, woven baskets, and enough pink and yellow marshmallow peeps to bring on a sugar induced coma.

If you’re prepared, you can enjoy goodies that even the Easter Bunny can’t bring—and that’s new customers for your business.

Easter, like Halloween and Thanksgiving, gives you the opportunity to tie your marketing to a holiday theme that is enjoyed by almost everyone, and you won’t even have to hunt for ideas! Here are a few…

Hold an Easter egg hunt

If you run a retail business, you could hold an Easter egg hunt on your property. A few dozen plastic Easter eggs will cost less than $20, and you can stuff them full of a variety of candies along with your business card, or better yet—coupons for your business.

If your business is strictly online, you can still hold an Easter egg hunt, you’ll just have to do it at a public location like a park or beach, or you could partner with a retail business and use their property.

Getting the word out is the easy part. You can post flyers anywhere that parents are likely to frequent, as well as using your own direct mail and/or email list. Anyone who has kids know that every parent is ALWAYS looking for a nearby event to entertain their kids.

Hire the Easter Bunny

An easy way to bring families to your business in droves is to have the Easter Bunny in full costume on site. You’ll have a captive audience because the parents will be standing around while their children wait in line to meet the Easter Bunny, so it’s the perfect time for a captivating product display or demonstration.

Launch a new product

Most people see at Easter as a fresh start and a time to welcome change. Make the most of this feeling by introducing a new product or service.

Send an Easter-themed direct mail campaign

Direct mail will usually generate a 1%-2% response rate, but with an Easter themed piece in April, the response rate can climb significantly. You can expect even better performance if you skip the traditional postcards or brochures, and instead send dimensional mail. In this case, an Easter basket full of candy along with a personalized note and marketing materials will do the trick. Dimensional mail has a higher cost per piece, but is more likely to reach your potential customer instead of being intercepted by a gatekeeper, and it often makes a greater impression, which means a higher return on investment.

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